New investment by the emigrants

During a recent visit to Turkey by Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Rasim Ljajić, a meeting was held with President of the Turkish National Assembly Mustafa Şentop. A gala dinner was attended by a large number of prominent businessmen of Serbian origin, headed by Salih Akgul Hadžifejzović, the host of the evening, President of the Sandžak Platform, owner of the famous company for the production of bicycles “Salcano”, the sponsor of cycling associations of Serbia, Montenegro, B&H and Turkey for many years. This renowned company sponsored Serbian cycling team member Jovana Crnogorac at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro with the idea, as Hadžifejzović points out, “that sport, apart from nobility and spreading positive feelings among people, create new friendships as a platform for new investments and development of economic cooperation”.
Welcoming distinguished guests, Hadžifejzović stressed that our emigrants contributed to the development of the Turkish economy in various fields, which represents a huge potential for Turkish businessmen to invest in Serbia. President of Turkish Parliament Mustafa Şentop expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation with Serbia, thanking the emigrants for an immeasurable contribution to building the relations between the two countries. Serbian Deputy Prime Mi­nister and Minister of Trade Rasim Lja­jić stressed that, apart from emigrants, Tur­k­ish compa­nies in Serbia are a great base and a good connection for further development of good relations between two friendly countries.

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