Belgrade Visiting
In Timisoara, with folk music and dance, people were reminded of the strong ties in tradition and culture. In Vienna, they were sipping plum rakia to the sounds of classical violin. In Banjaluka they have made a comparative study of merrymaking. They also arrived in Sofia, Zagreb, Budapest ... After a rich tourist summer at home, in September the caravan #GoBelgrade continues to Ljubljana, Skopje, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Tirana, Thessaloniki and Prague

Following statistical indicators and demographic structure of tourists in our city, the Tourist Organization of Belgrade this year launched a promotional campaign and led the caravan #GoBelgrade in a tour of cities from which most guests come. The branded bus with recognizable symbols of Belgrade arrived this summer at the Opera Square in Timisoara, Krajina Square in Banjaluka and Alexander Battenberg Square in the center of Sofia, where visitors could get acquainted with the current developments in Belgrade's tourist offer for this season, while in ”Kursalon” in Vienna, ”Johan Frank” in Zagreb, ”Staklenac” in Banjaluka and the Serbian cultural center in Budapest, business presentations and meetings between Serbian and foreign tourist companies took place.
National TV Stations of all countries in the region have transferred positive impressions of the caravan. They wrote about good atmosphere in Belgrade and amenities with which the Serbian capital has been presented in their respective countries, with a warm recommendation that everybody should get there this summer. Tourists are animated in different ways, tailored to their preferences. Romanians were, with music and folk dances, presented the cultural and traditional ties, opportunities for shopping and entertainment. Presenting our rich calendar of events, concerts and festivals, the citizens of Zagreb were presented with Belgrade nightlife in their city, where ”Belgrade Music” was played in all the major clubs. In Banjaluka , the actors of Skadarlija were calling for the merrymaking of  Belgrade. Even the Hungarians during their ”Museum Night” were convinced that they should visit Belgrade, when they were learning about the Serbian capital, having fun with the ”silent disco”, which announced this year's Beer Fest. Viennese were enjoying a Serbian violinist while tasting homemade rakia and artistic program of numerous artists.
TOB’s promotional activities were carried out even beyond the Balkan and Central European space. Thus, the first Belgrade guide in Finnish was published this year. One of the most important tourist portals Expedia launched a new service of cost planning at the destination, where Belgrade is listed among five cities, along with New York, Paris, London and Vilnius. The July edition of the Lonely Planet Traveller in German recommended Beograd, Ada Ciganlija, Kalemegdan and Skadarlija as places that must be visited, and the Ottawa Citizen writes about a cruise on the Danube where Belgrade must be an all-day stop. After the visit of journalists, a vivid reportage on our capital will soon be published in Greece. Dutch bloggers start buzzing about why people should discover Belgrade urgently.


The Tourist Organization of Belgrade has prepared a cultural and artistic program entitled ”Under the Canopy of Plane Trees of Topčider”, in Topčider Park, on the plateau in front of the Residence of Prince Miloš. Programs take place every second Saturday of a month during June, July, August and September. Costumed actors in the roles of important figures of the 19th century show the way of life of civil society from this period, and remind us that the history of Serbia was being created in this place. Belgradians and guests of the city will have the opportunity to, in the shade of the oldest plane tree in the Balkans, see the images of Prince Miloš and Princess Ljubica, with traditional music and a set of old-town dances.
The program is free. During the program, visits to the Residence of Prince Miloš are also free. Current exhibitions in the Residence are: on the ground floor  ”Life in Serbia in the 19th century” and ”Here I am, here you are... Prince Miloš in the comic books”, upstairs ”Miloš Obrenović: Dynasty, History, Myth” and ”Punk portraits of Obrenović dynasty” (author Aleksandar Leka Mladenović).


International Hat-Fest 2016 took place in Belgrade on July 23. That Saturday, the organizers - the Society ”Skadarlija” and the Tourist Organization of Belgrade – reminded the Belgradians and tourists of the time when it was unthinkable to be seen in Skadarlija, the most famous bohemian neighborhood of the Serbian capital, without a hat, whether you are a lady or gentleman at an outing girl or boy in a walk.
In the afternoon, a cultural program took place along Skadarska Street. The stage was located in front of the House of Đura Jakšić, where there were dance performances, violin and accordion concerts, old music playing, reciting of the lyrics of Đura Jakšić, aphorisms and anecdotes from the history of this famous street.
The event began with a parade of participants from the restaurant ”Two White Doves", headed by the tamburitza ensemble. The best male, female and children's hats were announced. Also, the best old town, folk, diplomatic, business, the smallest and the largest hat were evaluated. The visitors who wanted to try their luck had the opportunity to participate in the lottery ”White Mouse Sharing Good Fortune” in front of the House of Đura Jakšić.


This summer, the Tourist Organization of Belgrade represents a new program content entitled ”The Cinematographer of Skadarlija”. From July to the end of August, every Saturday from 21:00 h, in Skadarska Street, in front of the Elementary School ”Skadarlija” there will be free projections of the most famous domestic films that marked different epochs and generations of Belgrade. In order for the foreign guests of Belgrade to learn more about Serbian film industry, but also to better understand the Belgradespirit, charm and humor, all films are subtitled in English. With the projections of significant films such as Cinema Comunisto or Doctor Ray and the Devils, they will make a tribute to the recently deceased great actor Bata Živojinović, and almost forgotten Ratko Dražević. In the 1960’s, this man turned Belgrade into a true European Capital and ”one of the hotbeds of world cinema”.
Leading to a different time, ”The Cinematographer of Skadarlija” will present Belgrade both to its citizens and its guests in a different light, for which we are nostalgic for a reason.


Autumn Is Coming
After a break in August, during which the TOB is preparing Belgrade Carnival of Ships, the caravan #GoBelgrade will also visit Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Podgorica, Skopje, Tirana, Thessaloniki and Prague, after which the campaign will be complete.


Under a Plane Tree
Permanent participants of the program ”Under the Canopy of Plane Trees of Topčder” are Milan Milosavlјević (in the role of Prince Miloš), Nataša Popovska (Princess Ljubica), Jelena Mit (old town songs) and ”Talija” Art Center (a set of old-town dances).


Visiting Hats
In addition to local hat makers, guests from Bijelјina, Banjaluka, Ohrid, Herceg-Novi, Zagreb, Opatija and Portorož also participated at this year’s Hat Fest.


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