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Out of three hundred explained proposals, the jury chose the twenty-two best in the economy, culture, sports, media, science and art, and humanitarian work. Criteria: excellence, business recognition, sustainable development, social responsibility, ethical values ​​and humanity. Among the awardees are music artists Bojan Suđić and Bora Dugić, athlete Ivana Vuleta, journalists Olivera Kovačević and Mišo Vujović... The president of the jury was prof. Dr. Radovan Pejanović, and the entire project ”Way to the Top” was designed and led by Vlado Markanović from the Novi Sad’s ”Medija Invent” agency

U This year’s ”Captain Miša Anastasijević” awards were solemnly presented on 14 April 2022, in the ceremonial hall of the Rectorate of the University of Belgrade, in the presence of laureates, guests and the media, as well as numerous friends, associates and visitors. The gathering was first greeted by prof. Dr. Ratko Ristić, Vice Rector of the Belgrade University for International Cooperation.
Miloš Nenezić, President of the Union of Employers of Serbia and President of the Assembly of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, spoke about the entrepreneurial path of the laureates, while prof. Dr. Radovan Pejanović, President of the Jury spoke about the mission of the ”Kapetan Miša” Charter. The poet Pero Zubac gave an inspired sermon From Kapetan Miša to Nikola Tesla.
The awards were presented by prof. Dr. Radovan Pejanović, prof. Dr. Milica Kostić Stanković, prof. Dr. Ratko Ristić, entrepreneur Goran Janković, author of the project ”Way to the Top” Vlado Markanovic, President of the Executive Board of the Union of Employers of Serbia Andrea Brkić, Pero Zubac and Miloš Nenezić.
The awards were received by:
Ana Brnabić, Prime Minister of Serbia, for building and strengthening the prosperity of Serbia; Željka Cvijanović, President of the Republic of Srpska, for improving cooperation between the Republic of Srpska and Serbia; Socio-Economic Council of Serbia, for commitment and affirmation of socio-economic dialogue; Dušan Bajatović, General Manager of Srbijagas, for leadership in sustainable development and social responsibility; Miloš Vučević, Mayor of Novi Sad, as the best mayor and promoter of Serbian culture; prof. Dr. Milovan Bojić, Director of the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases ”Dedinje”, for his creative work and lifetime achievement; prof. Dr. Zoran Perišić, Director of the University Clinical Center ”Niš”, for quality, organization and dedication in providing health care; prof. Dr. Vesna Turkulov, from the Clinical Center of Vojvodina, for dedication, humanity and heroic struggle during the Covid-19 pandemic; Dr. Vesna Mijucić, specialist in transfusiology (Institute for Blood Transfusion of Serbia), for continuity, commitment and humanism; academician prof. Dr. Mirko Kerkez (Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade), for lifetime achievement and humanism; Predrag Petričević, owner of ”SMB gradnja” Subotica, best business partner; Dr. Mile Bugarin, General Manager of the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy in Bor, for scientific research, outstanding business results and creative vision of the Institute; Aleksandar Cicmil, Director of the Ethno Complex ”Vrdnička kula”, the best manager among young people; M. Sc. Bojan Kekić, President of the Executive Board of the Postal Savings Bank, for the best banking services and twenty years of loyalty to the ”Way to the Top” project; Zvezdan Milovanović, Director of ”KCN–Kopernikus” from Niš, the best coordinator and entrepreneur of Serbia; Dr. Miodrag Stepanović, Director of ”Georad” from Požarevac, for regional development and prosperity; Olivera Kovačević, editor of the RTS Entertainment Program, for professionalism and creative contribution to the quality of the program and its impact on culture; Miodrag Mišo Vujović, writer, journalist and publisher, for a better and more sensitive image of Serbia; Ivana Vuleta, world champion in athletics, the best athlete in Serbia; Željko Trajković, President of the Wrestling Federation of Serbia, for exceptional results and promotion of wrestling; maestro Bojan Suđić, professor of conducting at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade and chief conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of this institution, for achievements in the field of music; Bora Dugić, musician and composer, folk artist, for lifetime achievement.
Guitarist Vuk Vukojević from the High School of Music ”Kosta Manojlovic” from Zemun performed in the music part of the program.
Prof. Dr. Milovan Bojić thanked on behalf of the awardees.


Risks of awarding
”Don’t think that unjustified criticism is the most dangerous. Unjustified praise, gratitude or an award is even more dangerous”, said Miloš Nenezić, President of the Assembly of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and a longtime member of the jury for the ”Kapetan Miša Anastasijević” award. The jury assessed that this year’s winners not only deserve recognition, but their selection contributes to the reputation of the jury itself.
For the twenty-second year, the patrons of this award are the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia and the Union of Employers of Serbia, and the event was designed and led by ”Medija invent” from Novi Sad.

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